Family allegedly killed after 'No' leaflet was found KNPP. Family allegedly killed after 'No' leaflet was found News - Ka 商務中心ntarawaddy Times Written by Daily Htet Tuesday, 15 July 2008 Seven member 永慶房屋s of a family were allegedly killed in Sora Pheku village, Phe Khon Township, southern Shan stat 房屋買賣e after junta authorities found a 'no vote campaign' flyer in front of the house.Of the eight members of 酒店打工 the family, one fled. The township administrator Nyar Reh and township USDA secretary Noe Reh committed the murders, alleged Khu 售屋網Oo Reh, secretary of KNPP. "What I think is that they surrounded the house and arrested the family members. I heard that they killed them foll 個人信貸owing torture. Then they threw all the bodies in a cave."It's not clear how Shar Reh, one of the family members, managed to escape. Khu Oo Reh said he could 東森房屋not say what exactly Shar Reh would do, whether he will apply for refugee status or become a revolutionary solider for revenge. "He has just arrived on the front line," 開幕活動said Khu Oo Reh.The victims are: mother Phray Myar, brothers Phe Bu, Oo Reh, Ree Reh, Toe Reh, Taw Reh and sister Mee Myar. It is not clear when they were killed. However, Khu Oo Reh confirme 小額信貸d the killings. "It is confirmed because the lone family member who escaped has arrived at our army base. Our armed forces informed me over telephone about the killings and Shar Reh reaching our base," he sa 租房子id.  .
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